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PLEASE NOTE: We are not accepting new submissions at this time.  When the submissions window reopens, we will post an announcement on the Mythic Scribes Facebook page.

Myths Inscribed is an online magazine which accepts original works of fantasy fiction and fantasy-related non-fiction. The definition of “fantasy” is taken broadly, but anything that would fall exclusively into another genre, such as science fiction or horror, will not be considered. Neither will fan fiction or works that otherwise involve copyrighted characters or settings. Gratuitous violence, sexual content and/or swearing do not impress us.

Myths Inscribed acquires non-exclusive English-language Internet rights as well as perpetual archival rights. You are responsible for knowing whether or not the rights you are offering are available to be offered in the case of previously published work. Please allow one month for response time; if you haven’t heard back by then, query the relevant editor. At the moment, we do not offer any pay.

Make sure to read our Terms and Guidelines before submmiting your work. Non-compliant works won’t be considered.