Please read carefully the guidelines below and choose the appropriate category before submitting your work.

Myths Inscribed acquires non-exclusive English-language Internet rights as well as perpetual archival rights. You are responsible for knowing whether or not the rights you are offering are available to be offered in the case of previously published work. Please allow one month for response time; if you haven’t heard back by then, query the relevant editor. At the moment, we do not offer any pay.

We’re looking for works for three main categories:


Original works of fantasy fiction. The definition of “fantasy” is taken broadly, but anything that would fall exclusively into another genre, such as science fiction or horror, will not be considered. Neither will fan fiction or works that otherwise involve copyrighted characters or settings. Gratuitous violence, sexual content and/or swearing do not impress us.


Articles, reviews and other fantasy-related non-fiction content are presently assigned. If you are interested in contributing in this area, send a “Query: Non-Fiction” e-mail.


Poems of up to 40 lines will be considered. Submit no more than three poems at a time. Each poem should be a separate attachment.

You retain all the rights in, and are solely responsible for, the works you have submitted to Myths Inscribed, and are representing and warranting to Myths Inscribed that the works you submit are owned or duly licensed by you. By submitting a work to Myths Inscribed, you grant Myths Inscribed the right to use the work solely for the purposes of operating, providing and using the Services; that is, featuring it on our downloadable versions; online on Myths Inscribed or Myths Scribes; and displaying it on external sites exclusively to promote the Myths Inscribed ezine, the Myths Scribes community or your own name. Myths Inscribed does not claim ownership rights of any work that you have submitted, may it be featured on one of our issues or not.

We reserve the right to remove or modify the work for any reason, including works that we believe violates our Terms or our policies.